Sell This Plugin To Local Businesses For $500-$1K EACH.

What You Get:

365 Days Money Back Guaranteed

We are offering you 365 DAYS money back guarantee.  You have NOTHING TO Lose.  You would be doing yourself a disservice if you decide not to pick this offer up… 

LIMITED TIME PRODUCT. Available For Just 3 Days.

Limited Time Product

One Time Fee


Product Access INSTANTLY There are no Upsells or OTOs. Access ISSUES- Email and a Staff will respond ASAP. If you did not get access, Access via Your DirectPay Account

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 - Does Plugin Have Any Branding Or Links?

It has GENERIC Branding. “Google List Por”  None of our links are on the Plugin.  

#2- Do i need to spend more money?

No.  You just need to reach out to people as explained on the training.

#3 - Can i resell the plugin to unlimited businesses?


#4- How much time do i need to commit to this?

You will spend  30-60 minutes a week and you should see results on FIRST week.  🙂

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As per law,  We cannot guarantee  any income.     You will receive all the information you need to see how i got to my income but everyone is different and your milage may vary.