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This tool works like magic. I was able to generate $452 sale on the first 24 hours of publishing it on kdp. satish offers full training on how to list it to maximize sales.
Ron D.
Online Marketer
I am at. $853 per month from ****** and KDP at this time with 7 books for anxiety mazes. Easy to use tools, training was helpful. Covers are nice but i could use more variety. I got my return on investment on week 1 so, i am happy.
Ria M.
School Teacher
Satish reached out to have me test this offer and gawd... this is some kind of magic that i cannot explain. I have been made about $1,200 for past 2 weeks from 20 ebooks. Sales are steady. Took me about 30 minutes to do first book for second one, i did it under 10 minutes.
Stuart K.
Online Marketer
I was offered to try this tool but since i did not have time, i gave it to my wife. She is a stay at home mom of 3. She did 1 ebook and it's making about $75 a week. We plan on publishing more colorbooks soon.
Jacob. T
Online Marketer
This is the FIRST time i have made any money online. I have tried everything and i just couldn't do it. This was my first $4,100 i made online. GOD BLESS YOU SATISH! I found you on tiktok and this is first thing i bought from you.
Angela P.
i whipped up 25 ebooks while watching netflix and upload it on ******* and KDP. Nothing happend for 2 days but on 3rd day i got a sale for $20 then 6 weeks later, i have made about $5,836 from various places. I love this.
Pete B.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any additional costs?

No.  There is no additional costs.

2. Do i need email list or to run ads?

No.  None of that!  Lazy people don’t have email list nor are they running ads.. lol 

3. Can i create books on topics that's not mentioned on the tool?

YES. You can.  The 13 recommendations are from our research but if u have something in mind you want to try you can do it.

4. Does this work for anyone around the world?

Yes.  It works for people around the globe.  You don’t have to be in a specific country.

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